Bourne Diesel Repair LLC

Improve utility and performance!

From diesel engine kits to mufflers and hitches, you can make sure you have a solution to every problem you run into on the road!


Check out our full lines of accessories in the shop - we have a wide selection!

Have everything you need for the long haul?

Whether you are driving a truck around the work site or a semi across the country, you spend a lot of time in the driver's seat - make sure your vehicle is ready for anything with our wide range of truck accessories.

Accessory installation is fast and easy! Just let us know which kits you want, and we'll put them on!

It only takes a moment!

Customize your truck:

 • Diesel performance equipment

 • Brake systems

 • Suspension systems

 • Engine and exhaust equipment

 • Hitches

 • Towing attachments

 • Interior / exterior accessories

From towing a friend to pulling out a stubborn tree stump, make sure you can handle anything with the right accessories!


Computerized diagnostics

for semi-truck repair.

Get your truck on the road faster!

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