Bourne Diesel Repair LLC

Emergency repairs available:

 • Brakes

 • Heaters / radiator

 • Engine repairs

 • Computer diagnosis

 • Transmission work (not AC)

 • Axle service

 • Wheel alignments

 • Rear End Suspensions

Semi-trucks put up a lot of miles in a short amount of time - make sure your engine can handle the long haul!


You don't make money with your truck on the side of a road!

Keeping your truck in proper working order is your top priority - it's ours, too! You can count on our techs to handle everything from preventative maintenance to emergency repairs, so you can stay on the road! We'll work on semi-trucks, diesel pick trucks, dump trucks, and buses - any kind of truck, hydraulics, or semi-truck.

Regular preventative maintenance will help to avoid breakdowns and fix problems before they start!

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Regular semi maintenance:

Computerized diagnostics

for semi-truck repair.

Get your truck on the road faster!

 • General maintenance

 • Oil changes

 • Lube oil filters

 • Tune-ups

 • Flushing fluids


Prevent breakdowns with maintenance!

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